Los Colores de la Salsa

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The Dura Salsa, of the style and musical aggressiveness of the double GRAMMY® winner Marlow Rosado, merges with the sweet and unique voice of the romantic sauce of Frankie Negrón, in the album “Los Colores de la Salsa” This musical production is the result of the union of two totally opposite salseros in styles, since Frankie has been recognized worldwide for singing to make one fall in love while Marlow has produced his album as a true “Salsanimal” for the dancer. “It is time to defend the genre that we all love regardless of the musical style, but to promote the best of the best with excellent arrangements, musicians and first-rate voices,” said Marlow Rosado, producer, musician and person in charge of carrying out this great project. This union of Marlow and Frankie arose in a very natural way since both artists had already worked together on many occasions.

“Don’t mess around with salsa anymore… salsa is a good thing” thus begins this singular musical production that makes a call to reaffirm the special place that the so-called “Salsa Gorda” has but also highlights the voice of Salsa Romántica.

In the single “Depende De Ti”, which also has a music video, an alert is made highlighting the pillars of salsa of all times and also inviting new emerging talents, genres or musical styles to recognize, respect and care in brotherhood what with much sacrifice and years has been achieved.

Marlow Rosado is considered the last artist signed by the distinction and recognized by Fania Records, he has also been called “the Dalí of music”, since his hands at the piano are defined in the brushes with which he creates a world as surreal as the one embodied in canvases by the late painter. He has been compared to the North American jazz pianist Thelonious Monk and even to his idol Eddie Palmieri.

Among the songs that stand out in the production, there is the one that bears his name “Los Colores de la Salsa” a composition by Negrón and Rosado, where salsa and merengue are fused, there is also the cover of “Tu eres” original song by Frankie Ruiz, who has been the idol of Frankie Negrón.