Marlow Rosado and Chucho Valdes release the album “Orun”

Marlow Rosado and Dionisio Jesús “Chucho” Valdés Rodríguez live the experience of working together thanks to the album “Orun”, which has nine songs
“Orun is the record that I have wanted to make all my life. It is a truly music album in which the concentration is not commercialism but the musical depth within the arrangements so that the musician stands out with his solos; the most important thing is the expression and wisdom of each participant on their instrument” expressed the composer Marlow Rosado.

As a musician, for the also Puerto Rican writer, working with Dionisio Jesús “Chucho” Valdés Rodríguez has represented an honor and learning.

“Throughout my career I have had the joy of working with many great pianists who have been teachers to me throughout my training such as Richie Ray, Papo Luca, and who has become my piano father – the wonderful Jew – Larry Harlow. But in this case I had the great opportunity, honor and joy of working with the pianist who for me sits on the top of the mountain when we talk about Latin piano, especially in Latin Jazz,” said Rosado.

“I never imagined that my career would have the fortune to record with such an iconic figure of our music. Having recorded my own arrangement, a song written by me with Chucho Valdés, for me is one of those moments before and after. I can happily disappear with this project,” added the composer.

Distributed by JN Music Group Jazz, the new division of JN Music Group, Orun already has a video clip for the song Marlow y Chucho, which was recorded at the house of maestro Chucho Valdés.

This song becomes the first track that comes off this album.

Source: Diario Las Americas
By: Redaccion